Are you under constant pressure to reduce your IT costs?
Where will it come from? SQRIntegrator will reduce the cost of developing and maintaining SQR programs throughout your Peoplesoft deployment.”
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Someone has come up with a simpler way to develop and maintain SQR in Peoplesoft. SQRIntegrator is dedicated to providing the most powerful solution for data integration and movement while leveraging the full power of SQR. Learn more about our solutions for Peoplesoft, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.            learn more„„
Wachovia leverages SQRIntegrator to create a global ATM data warehouse which consolidates data from dozens of disparate systems and technology platforms to support performance management objectives.
With SQRIntegrator, Otto Industries consolidates 5 separate ERP systems to create standardized divisional data marts supporting a uniform view of enterprise information and presented through the Hyperion Performance Suite.
Brian Buerger, Global ATM Database
SQRIntegrator allows us to quickly consolidate the data needed for our systems analysis of our over 5000 ATMs. We have found SQRIntegrator to be a faster and more cost effective solution as compared to other offerings in the market.

The Netezza Data Warehouse Vertical Solution

 SQRIntegrator™ delivers the Netezza Data   Warehouse Vertical Solution to rapidly create actionable information for your business intelligence solutions. Click here to download the PDF

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